Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Concept: Effort Model

This new concept I just thought up I will name the effort model.  Basically it asserts that if you watch a typical sports game, the athletes are playing at 75% of their maximum effort.  Maximum effort is designated as what?  I haven't decided yet.  It could be game 7 or the NBA finals, but players are usually worn down by then.  It could be the singular game in which they give max effort and are also able to give max effort because they are young, fresh, don't have nagging injuries, etc.  Perhaps then there is also a moving value of how much max effort they can give out.  Effort being hustle, energy, phyiscality, etc.  We all know that physical play wears down opponents, but it also wears down the people playing that way.  Look at Kevin Garnett this season, he has played very hard and very physical and is now suffering from a knee ailment.  So this effort model concept is something I will be developing in the future.  

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