Friday, April 29, 2011

All about physicality in the NBA

This quote from the Hawks center Collins ties in with what I've read elsewhere, but is worth repeating here:

"Just being in better shape," Collins said, "but also coach [Larry] Drew starting me against him. The refs, if you start off the game being physical, it's a difference, than if you come into the game and there's a change in the way that Dwight's being guarded."

Essentially, being physical pays off and allows a team to continue to be physical the entire game.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Re-reading good books

I'm strongly considering going through the process of re-reading certain books that I've read in the past, mainly because there simply aren't that many great new books coming out during any given year, and many of the ones I've read that are really good have been partially or wholly forgotten by me now.  Re-reading would allow me to re-learn some of the text and pick and choose what I want to read without having to read an entire book again.

Media Watch

The BP oil spill has been renamed the "Deepwater Horizon" oil spill, thus removing the association between BP and the oil spill.  The media is now referring to it as the Deepwater Horizon spill, which I think is kind of smarmy. 

Mr. Sokol was Berkshire Hathaway's #2 man but has now been accused of illicitly gaining $3M by duping Warren Buffet;  the two issues here are 1) why did he feel compelled to try to gain 3M when he already had tens of millions and an amazing job and 2) his lawyer, who called Sokol "a man of uncommon rectitude and probity" has previously defended the would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan;  not exactly a great character reference for one's lawyer if the lawyer previously defended RR's attempted assassin.