Saturday, April 18, 2009

Clippers Season Recap

I posted an article on Bleacher Report about the Clippers' remaining games and which games I thought they would be blown-out in.  A blow-out to me is losing by 15 or more points and definitely not covering even the largest NBA point spreads.

The article can be found here.

I made six picks about the Clippers.  

Clippers hosting Cleveland.  Lost 83-87.  DID cover spread.

Clippers playing at Detroit.  Lost 108-90.  DID NOT cover spread.

Clippers playing at Boston.  Lost 90-77.  DID NOT cover spread (was 8.5).

Clippers playing at Denver.  Lost 120-104.  Did not cover spread (was 14).

Clippers playing at Utah.  Lost 106-85.  Did not cover spread.

Clippers hosting Oklahoma City.  Lost 126-85.  Did not cover spread.

So for five of the six games they failed to surpass expectations and lost badly.  

They lost all four road games badly.

The first home game was very close, the last home game was against the fourth-worst team in the league.  

Anyways, I was 5-1 for that article.  The predictability of losers?  

I think that when teams that have quit play good, focused teams they really struggle and will give up, especially against the better defensive teams.  

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