Monday, December 17, 2012

Alabama vs Notre Dame

Notre Dame has a really good defense, which is an asset in the quest for a National Championship.  This ND team is different than ones of past years and BCS defeats because it is grounded primarily on a good defense and an average offense.  All good offenses can be stopped by a physical defense.  In fact, when a good offense meets a good defense, the defense usually wins.  In this case I would expect the game to be close.  Alabama is a ten point favorite, which seems quite high.  Regardless of who is #1 vs #2, that is a big point spread for a football game, and probably reflects more of Alabama's past accomplishments and success, and Notre Dame's recent failures than anything else.  But this is a new team, removed from the Brady Quinn era and the Charlie Weis era.

Who will win?  We can never know with certainty.

Should 'Bama be a 10 point favorite?  No.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Learning is such a difficult task, one that is made to appear so simple but is really a true challenge to anyone that wants to experience growth.  In grade school we are taught to crack open the book and take notes.  Ordered notes are even better.  Then we do a few practice problems after class, known as homework, and then its on to the next task.  Learning something complex is even harder.  Part of our brain is used for doing new, focused tasks, and part of it is for doing routine work that we can push on to the periphery of our mind, like driving a car.  We don't focus on the actions of driving, we just "do" it, and get to where we are going, accident free.

Learning new tasks requires handwritten note taking, in order to force the brain to concentrate on something for longer than a few seconds.  When reading something, the brain skims over it so fast that the concept is introduced, but hardly is it internalized.  Highlight is good, as it allows a person to turn to a page in the book and see what was first viewed as important.  Next is book marking the book, kind of like highlighting the entire page from a larger view.  The view of the whole book.  With handwritten notes, highlighting and underlining can be done.  More importantly, the book and the notes must be re-read.  This is a weakness for me.  In fact, my ritual for success should be to re-read the notes for what ever skills I'm currently studying and investing in.

Re-reading notes is a weakness of mine.  Rote memorization can be used to remember important facts, numbers, and equations.

Lastly the skills can be moved in to unconscious competence, where you don't even have to think or direct the actions of your mind, because the skill is known and internalized, and your brain will do it for you, allowing you to spend your precious focus energy on other, more important things.

Unconscious Incompetence
Conscious Incompetence
Conscious Competence
Unconscious Competence

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I was reading a blog post by Ki'une, whom I learned about by watching YouTube.  He has a goal list of 208 personal goals that range over topics from travel, art, photography, sports, music, adventure & miscellaneous goals.  Very, very impressive.  I have goals, but I have only hand written goals that I developed during a Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn goal setting workshop.  The miscellaneous goals involve learning languages, flying in to space on a commercial flight, to winning a photo contest, to all sorts of amazing things.  Its so impressive to me because he has articulated his goal list, published it online, and it really trying to thrive with it.  What the fuck am I doing with my life?  Sweating out business school so I can become a drone?  LOL.

What are my rituals?  Remember, peak state doesn't just happen.  What are my rituals and what am I doing with my day?  Bullshitting around probably.  I want to get more disciplined.  First thing is I'm going to type up my goal list on Google Drive, and maintain that list online for many years so that I can access it and gauge my progress.  My growth.  Progress = happiness.  Remember that.

Six human needs:


My #1 is growth.  After that, possibly uncertainty.  My significance is pretty low and pretty easily satisfied.  My Connection/Love is shaky right now, important to feel and have but I'm not where I want to be.  Contribution is  low on my list right now.  I honestly feel like later in life, after I've satisfied other needs, contribution can come to the fore front in the form of my dream:  The Skills Acquisition Academy.  Where we take a person and teach them any skill they want to learn.  Starting with Math.

What would be awesome would be to go to a terrible school, struggling inner city in a large metropolis, and get a group of students with poor math skills, limiting beliefs, but a strong desire to get better, and really take them to a higher level with math, with me as the coach and teacher.  Ideally it would be like a one year experiment, or a two year experiment, and get them great math scores and set them on a new path that they wouldn't have achieved otherwise.  That would be a blast.  Tutoring for money, to create some shitty little tutoring company and going around hustling people, would suck.  Its selling people.  Taking on a real challenge like this would be freaking awesome.  And I absolutely know that I would get results.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hakeem the dream....

Amazing footwork, I watch this video at least once a week, helps my game immensely
The four levels:

Unconscious incompetence
Conscious incompetence
Conscious competence
Unconscious competence

These are the four levels.

Also, constructive, focused practice with a plan with timelines on how to achieve goals.  What's my timeline?
I've been reading about Paul Ekman and his creation: the FACS.  FACS was created to taxonomize the variety of human facial expressions, and it is really interesting.  I think that it could aid me in my sports betting, and prediction market in general, plus it would just be super interesting.  I'll admit I've been paying close attention to people's facial expressions for a long time, and the results are quite revealing.  This stuff will make a great addition to my library of knowledge.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The study of facial expressions is fascinating.  I played some poker over the week at a casino, and finished up $38 on a $60 max buy in table.  My two biggest plays were off of tells, basically just observing this players actions and being aggressive when I saw weakness.  It was a BLAST.  I've been paying more and more attention to people's facial expressions, including those of the people I am talking to, and it results in seeing a lot more of their true beliefs and personalities.  For example, I was talking to someone over this last weekend about what they implemented in to their business and how much of it was from reading things, and they made a curious facial expression.  I'm not sure what it meant.  Other times I saw expressions come up when talking to person B, and the results were interesting.  

Also I noted that Carmelo Anthony did not really like the whole Jeremy Lin/Linsanity phenomenon when this was happening.  

There is tension there on that team.  It won't end well. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Been a long time since I've posted!

Sports betting has the chance to become a part of my life again.  I'm single :/ , have some free time, and Tahoe is only four hours away from Los Gatos.  A couple of theories I'm going to work on are the NBA Martingale system (although the season is almost over), make a few playoff plays, and of course prep for the Football season.  I'll be posting videos on Youtube and trying to connect with people on there; I'm getting a new computer that will hopefully allow me to easily create and edit videos and then post them online.  I may or may not be blogging consistently, but as always, I love this blog and will hang on to it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A couple of key concepts

A couple of concepts that have been rattling around in my head is the idea of a "non-working owner".  How can a person who has never worked for a company and never invested any money be entitled to a portion of the profits?

That is the definition of a non-working owner or "NWO".

The "stockholders" as these are known, then pressure to the CEO to increase revenue and depress expenses (read: wages) to maximize their dividend and stock price (unworked for profit).

Steve Jobs has died, but will Apple live forever?

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, 2011.  His passing deeply affected many people, myself among them. But many years before this, Steve Jobs said that Death is a natural part of Life and should not be feared; nay, we should contemplate it every day and live our lives in harmony with the knowledge that we will one day die.

He concludes that Death is just and proper, as it clears out the old to make room for the new and that every young person eventually becomes old, and is then moved aside to make room for the "new" new people.  Although Steve Jobs passed away, the company he founded is thriving robustly and is by some measures the largest company in the world with a brand positioning at the forefront of technology and communication.

Apple, with a market capitalization of over $400 Billion  dollars and thousands of patents, will surely survive for a while.  One year?  Ten years? 100 years? If it lives 100 years from today, it will live longer than me.  Even if it eventually goes bankrupt, some portion of its assets/patents/human talent will be bought up by another company, consumed and assimilated.

It is likely that Apple, Steve Jobs creation, will be functionally immortal.  It will never die.

It defies the natural cycle of life and death that Steve Jobs embraced psychologically.  And that is not a good thing.