Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 100th Post!

Well here is my 100th post on my blog Insights into Sports.  Incredible that I've made so many posts.  I have 210 profile views.  On Bleacher Report I've written four articles with a cumulative 1,886 article reads as of this writing.  Awesome.  I've done a lot but there is so much more that I could do.

The reason for this post though is to note that Jay Cutler has been traded from his team (the Denver Broncos) to the Bears.  The Bears are in the NFC while the Broncos are in the AFC.  This continues the trend of sending coaching talent and quarterbacks to opposing conferences so that they can't come back to haunt them.  To me it indicates a suspicion that someone's detailed knowledge of scheme and personnel could really hurt a former team.  

I've seen this many times and will be curious to see if the Bears play the Broncos.  If so, it is likely that Cutler would tear up the Broncos defense because he has seen them in practice for three years.  

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Ben said...

I think it more a "we don't want one of our former players beating us" type thing than a real fear of them divulging too much inside info. When college athletes ask to be release from their scholarships in order to transfer, most schools with only allow them to transfer to either an out of conference school or one that they will not be playing before that player graduates.