Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thoughts on the Final Four

I was watching UNC beat down on Villanova last night and appreciated how strong UNC's defense is.  They had so much size on their perimeter players that they completely clogged the lane and they completely flustered them into forcing up perimenter shots.  And of course, rushed perimeter shots rarely go in.  

It also got me thinking about some of the stats I see used for the pros being translated down to college basketball.  Does anyone measure defensive efficiency and offensive efficiency?  It seems like college basketball, with its diversity of players, fast turnover of players, etc., really can make it difficult to stay on top of like the pros.  

Also, college players only play forty minutes a game and roughly 35 games a season, so thats much fewer minutes that they play and it can muck up the statistical analysis because of a much smaller sample size.  

I should re-read the book on handicapping college basketball.  College basketball could definitely be an area of lucrative investment opportunities.  It would require sharper observation skills, but there is also more opportunity for players to quit if they have less to play for.  

Defensive rotations might be practiced less later in the season, etc., etc., etc. 

Also I heard the announcers discussing how UNC remembered their humiliating Final Four defeat last year and wanted to make sure they started strong in the Final Four.  I think that may have played a role in their focus and seriousness because they were definitely focused.   

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