Monday, July 11, 2011

The Miami Heat Lose to the Dallas Mavericks

What an incredible ending to the NBA season.  After Game 3 it really looked like the best team in the series was the Miami Heat, but incredibly they choked away the NBA finals and have made LeBron James look like a complete head case.  I don't know what was going on with him but he really turned down his aggressiveness and didn't seem confident with anything.  It was really strange.

More importantly is the historical view of what happened.  It is important to record thoughts during the moment because there is a lot of mental re-writing that occurs going forward.  The Miami Heat were ultra close to winning the championship but this could easily be re-written as to why teams without a center don't win championships, etc.

So during the finals my thoughts revolved around the superior defense of the Miami Heat.  They seemed to have the lead in every game but their offense stagnated late in the fourth quarter.  It devolved in to them just hoisting up long shots because they couldn't pass it inside.  There was no interior passing going on.  LeBron has long been lambasted for not being willing to post up or to start out in the post.  It really shows now.  They did the same thing that worked against Chicago, hoisting up long three pointers off the dribble, but now they weren't going in. 

live by the three, die by the three.

"Se la guerre"