Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writing and Research Notes

I've crossed the 4,000 article reads on Bleacher Report and set a personal record with over 1,000 reads on a single article in Bleacher Report.  I've written nine articles overall.  

Also I'm almost at 100 comments received.  My most popular article was about how the Cavaliers wouldn't win the title and what a debacle it was!  So many people wrote negative things about it.  But it was good to read them and learn about how to write a more informative article.  I was a bit rushed because I wanted to go to sleep when I wrote it.  

I also think that no amount of data or theories can really change the minds of most people, especially ardent fans.  I'm not a big Cavs basher or anything or an ardent Lakers supporter, although I do follow both teams.  I just don't think that Cavs are that good this year, but I also haven't watched many of their games.  So who knows?

Also my data research is going well.  I've been analyzing point spreads and looking for trends.  And I've found a few but nothing spectacular.  

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