Monday, December 17, 2012

Alabama vs Notre Dame

Notre Dame has a really good defense, which is an asset in the quest for a National Championship.  This ND team is different than ones of past years and BCS defeats because it is grounded primarily on a good defense and an average offense.  All good offenses can be stopped by a physical defense.  In fact, when a good offense meets a good defense, the defense usually wins.  In this case I would expect the game to be close.  Alabama is a ten point favorite, which seems quite high.  Regardless of who is #1 vs #2, that is a big point spread for a football game, and probably reflects more of Alabama's past accomplishments and success, and Notre Dame's recent failures than anything else.  But this is a new team, removed from the Brady Quinn era and the Charlie Weis era.

Who will win?  We can never know with certainty.

Should 'Bama be a 10 point favorite?  No.