Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thoughts on the weekend

First thought is that we decided to make no picks regarding the Pac-10 challenge.

So our record stands at 2-4-0. Essentially, worse that .500

Other thoughts regard the big Pac-10 news, the upset of USC at Washington. All one needs to know is that they were starting a substitute QB and Washington's coach was USC's offensive coordinator. What was it I told myself about this stuff last season? That coaches tend to do above average against their old teams. They know the team, the staff, the playbook, the signals, the audibles, etc. So it shouldn't be a surprise that this happened.

The second is regarding the Jets-Patriots game this weekend. That PATS were three point favorites. In the game preview, I read that a defensive player said that this game was their "superbowl". They had lost seven straight at home to New England. They had a new coach, and had failed to make the playoffs last year.

A true regular season "superbowl game" can't be had by a team with legitimate superbowl aspirations. If they made the playoffs the previous season, or are looking like they will make them this year, then its tough to have a regular season "Super bowl" game.

Anyways, "Superbowl" games, as labeled by the players, usually mean a big performance by the underdog. And of course, it happened again this time. Nice work by the Jets.

Lastly, earlier posts by me predicted that Mike Singletary would lead the 49ers to new heights (relatively). I wrote that his physical style of play would increase the level of play of the 49ers and bump them up to the 6 to 12 win range. It won't get them higher than that, and even 12 is a stretch. What is most likely is 10 wins as the ceiling. The team will struggle against teams with sophisticated attacks and physical defenses. But they will defeat less physical teams and teams with simple schemes.

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