Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick NFL Thoughts

The 49ers play at the Vikings today. And I was told that Shaun Hill, the San Francisco QB, was the back up at Minnesota for three or four years. That means he will be very, very familiar with the stadium and surroundings, plus a number of the players who are still with the team. Of course, the coaching staff will be somewhat familiar with him, as well as members of the D, but I think overall the balance favors the QB over the defense. Plus, there has been a coaching change in Minnesota since he left.

And I think the 49ers are truly better than they have been, in terms of physicality and desire to win. They've already beaten last years NFC Champion and the Seahawks. So I think the spread of 7 points is too high.

Lastly, Favre has only been on the team two weeks, and didn't even spend all of training camp with the team. He simply can't know everything about the team that well.

So an official prediction is the 49ers will cover the spread.

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