Friday, September 4, 2009

Applicable lines for September 4th, 2009

PENN STATE26½Akron58½
MICHIGAN12½Western Michigan56
NOTRE DAME14Nevada61½
Kentucky15MIAMI OHIO47
WISCONSIN16½NO Illinois50
AUBURN13Louisiana Tech43½
TEXAS A&M14New Mexico55½
ALABAMAVirginia Tech38
USC34San Jose State48
ARIZONA13½Central Michigan54½
UCLA19San Diego State51½
NEBRASKA22Florida Atlantic60½
CLEMSON18Middle Tenn St47½
TEXAS41UL Monroe61½
TENNESSEE29½Western Kentucky44

W, these are the lines for this weekend. The Pac-10 ones are, of course, the ones we're interested in. We also don't have to make a decision on each one, we can "pass" on a game. Also, I love you. As a cousin. And the next blog post is applicable as well. This is serious, lets gets focused!


JengaMaster said...

Cousin I now have an identity and can comment. Also welcome back to the motherland.

First things first, that Oregon pick did not work out quite so well. I am a bit amazed that kid is getting suspended for the whole season. It seems a bit strong to me. But somebody needs to be an example I suppose.

Stanford away at Washington State. I am sure Stanford is going to win, but Stanford's quarterback is going to be starting his first game as a red shirt freshman. Also I have trouble picking against over two touchdown dogs at home.

CAL 21+ over Maryland. Cal somehow lost a game they never should of lost in Maryland last year. That will not happen again. Also I feel that in the Tedford era Cal has a history of starting strong and then flailing about later on. Also, Best is a Beast.

USC v. San Jose State. The only way they do not cover is if the true freshman plays like a true freshman. What are your thoughts on the odds of that.

Arizona v Central Michigan. Luckily a team I know absolutely nothing about against a below average pac-10 team. Like way to many of these games I expect Zona to win, but by how much.

LSU v. Washington. I tend to go with the home dog by more then two touchdowns. In defense of my pick, Washington was the best and most talented 0-12 pick of all time last year.

Oregon St. and Arizona St are playing cupcakes and are not eligible for this round I suppose.

UCLA v. San Diego St. Well, it is pretty late and I feel that I will a good deal more insights when I have a full week to prepare. I do not know, what are your thoughts. I will check this out in the morning and we can finalize picks before I go off to work.

Daniel said...

Alrighty I just texted you and then checked my blog so disregard my text. I see you're several steps ahead of me.

USC's last three openers have been 50-14, 38-10, 52-7. So San Jose won't score more than two touchdowns, likely. Offensively, USC has a new QB so he probably won't be scoring as many points. Conversely, Pete Carroll might keep him in longer to get him more practice, therefore scoring more points. I'd say USC will cover the spread.

Maryland Cal: Maryland returns only ten starters, has a new defensive coordinator, and most of the missing starters were linemen, which i value mroe than RBs, WRs, etc. Cal is at home. And will likely run of the score if possible to avenge last year. cal has new QB but returns an RB Best. Cal has 17 returning starters. Cals only weakness is it lost a few offensive linemen to teh draft/graduation.

I'd pick Cal to cover.

I'd also think LSU could outscore Washington by more than 17. I mean washington was absolutely terrible last year. And college football doesn't reward high draft picks to losing teams. Losers get worse in college football and winners get better.

So I'd say Cal to cover, USC to cover, and Washing to not cover. After that it gets murky. next week will be more indepth.