Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week #2 Recap

Week 2 went swimmingly. USC failed to cover the spread, as well as Stanford. Great.

Record: 2-4-0
Format: W-L-T

I've decided to remove the Pass number because it is clear to me that I will do a lot more "passing" than making decisions. Also, my teammate and comrade W. has currently abandoned me. I'll be doing work to get him back on the team.

Ok so what happened? USC started a true freshman on the road at night against a top ten team with a legacy of strong defensive play. Result: Two touchdowns, one set up from a INT return to the five yard line.

Their defense held Ohio State to one touchdown and two fieldgoals Very close game, very good game, USC barely won. USC failed to cover the 8 point spread.

Stanford had a 17-3 halftime lead but let it slip away and lost 24-17. Not sure what happened there, as I didn't watch the game.

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