Friday, September 25, 2009

Week #4 Preview

This week in the Pac-10 there are a number of conference games. Here are a number of games that I'm previewing and predicting the outcome of a few.

We have #6 Cal at Oregon.
Cal has a good offense going against Oregon's defense. The deciding factor, I think, will be Oregon's poor offense against Cal's defense. Oregon suspended their own star running back, and their quarterback appears to be terrible. He is completing only 45% of his passes thus far this season. Cal is a 5.5 point favorite over Oregon. The extra factor in their favor is they have a reputation as a bad road team, and they know it, so they'll be putting in extra effort and focus on this road game. I'm thinking they'll beat Oregon handily.

Arizona at Oregon State.
Don't especially care about either of these two teams. So I won't write much!

Washington State at USC
This one looks like it could be terrible for Washington State. Contributing factors include USC losing its last game, it being a home game for USC, their QB Barklay is back from his shoulder injury, and Washington State losing its RB to season-ending injury. The spread is 45, but I don't know if USC will score that many points. Well, they will probably score somewhere in the fifties. The question is, will Washington State score 14 points? USC is at home so they might be able to put in some serious 3rd or 4th string players for the four quarter, thus allowing Washington State to score a late touchdown.

#24 Washington at Stanford

I don't think Washington is a very legit team. I just read that on their staff was USC's former Offensive Coordinator AND defensive Coordinator. Amazing. Thats why they beat USC. They had USC's old coaches making the play calls and reading the defense! They stopped them on 3rd down each time (0-10). Amazing.

Arizona State at Georgia.

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