Monday, September 28, 2009

Week #4 Recap and 49ers info

I was unable to watch the game but the aftermath is helpful. The 49ers cover the spread but lost the game on a last second play. Shaun Hill was 15-25 for 188 yards. He scored two touchdowns through the air and had a good game. So although I can't assume causality, I can definitely suppose that the factors I previously listed played a role in the 49ers performance.

Vis a vis college football, not much to report. I will do a prediction rundown.

Cal was blown out on the road, totally contrary to my pick. I believed the 'Hype" and Cal was blown out of the stadium. Terrible. That game led to my post earlier about the fallibility of pre-season rankings.

USC won 27-6, meaning this pick was a win! More importantly, it means that USC's offense is mediocre at best and the reason they will lose games. Their defense is very stout but they simply can't run up the score on opponents like they used to. Also, my analysis about them scoring somewhere in the fifties was flawed. They haven't played well offensively yet except against San Jose and have shown their offense is definitely lacking something this season.

And the Washington/Stanford pick was a success as well. Washington didn't perform well on the road against a team that they DIDN'T have the past offensive and defensive coordinators from. What a surprise!

This weeks record was 2-1-0
Total record of 4-5-0

Bringing the team to nearly .500!

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