Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week # 5 Results

Week #5 is in the books and the results are in. We went 2-1 and now have a record of 6-6-0. Back to where we started! We now hope to move into positive territory with some picks next week.

To recap: USC trampled over Cal, winning 30-3. As expected, their offense put up good but not great numbers. Also, their defense did a number on Cal, holding them to a below-average 3 points. Results was a good win for USC and a win for us.

Stanford played well against UCLA. We didn't think UCLA was as tough or good as their record indicated. We also felt Stanford's size, running game, playing at home for the third week in a row, and five game losing streak to UCLA were all in Stanford's favor. Stanford led 24-6 going into the fourth and final score was 24-16. A win for us as well.

Oregon played Washington State and really put the hammer down. Final score of 52-6. We though Washington would score anywhere from 1-3 touchdowns, and Oregon would score in the low forties. Turns out, Oregon had forty before halftime and Washington scored one touchdown but couldn't even make the PAT. Also, the Oregon 2nd and 3rd stringers still held Washington to just a touchdown. Loss for us.

Record: 6-6-0

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