Friday, October 30, 2009

The NBA Season has started...

I've been a bit remiss in making posts. Thats partly because I don't currently have cable, or even a couch to watch it on!

So the data coming into my brain has been limited by ESPN's website and a few other select sites. However I have made big progress on finding an edge when picking pro and college football games. If you've read any of my posts, I'm sure you're familiar with it.

However the NBA season is upon us, and I've got a few observations to make:

The Celtics are going to start strong again; no surprise there. I've stated before I'm a big fan of Rasheed Wallace's game and his size.

The problem again will be that they will likely wear themselves out by the end of the season and probably have some injuries along the way due to playing so hard.

The team that won't have the problem is the Lakers. The addition of Ron Artest adds another slacker/big time player, and they don't need any more. And I think they will rest on their laurels, so to speak, because of their championship win last season.

I expect the Lakers to win fewer games that last year.

Also, the Cavs are going to be terrible with Shaq. They badly over achieved last year and they added a big, slow doofus past his prime. I like LeBron and just wish his teammates were better and he didn't have Shaq.

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