Monday, October 12, 2009

Streak for the Cash

My current record in the streak for the cash is 14-7-1. They are pretty easy, in general. There are often one or two gimmes, like last weeks Oregon vs. UCLA game. So I'm pretty happy with my record.

I'm also getting more interested in this "coaching tree" idea where I simply track the movement of assistant coaches and head coaches from one college or pro team to another. When that happens, there is an information imbalance favoring the team that "acquired" the coach from the enemy. They essentially had a spy, or bought out a traitor, and are now using him for information.

Lastly, thoughts on Pete Carroll hyping and using his freshman QB. Before the season Carroll really hyped him and people thought it would be just another USC dynasty in the making. The reality is that instead of a three year redshirted back-up who is ready to take the reins, Caroll's best QB was a kid right out of highschool.

It speaks a lot about his QB recruiting and the pool of talent they had at the position. And it is a negative for the USC program.

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I like how you mention ESPN's Streak for the Cash fantasy game. My overall record in that is 120-92-5 and my current winning streak is 7. My longest winning streak is 11. My current pick is a soccer match that is being delayed by heavy rain. Hopefully it will wrap up by 7 so I can make my next pick, which will be the Devils over the Sabres in the NHL.