Monday, February 23, 2009


I just had a very interesting conversation about patterns.  The human brain is a neural network; it excels at picking out patterns.  Musical patterns, visual patterns (think facial recognition), tactile sensations, and abstract numerical patterns.  

But could there be more patterns?  

The hammerhead shark has all the normal senses we do.  However, hammerheads have electroreceptory sensory pores called ampullae of Lorenzin (wikipedia).  ns.  Think about that.  Hammerheads can also detect electrical patterns through pores in their skin.  Through pores in the freaking skin!  

So if I had a conversation with a hammerhead (stay with me) and we discussed patterns, how could he explain an electrical pattern?  I'd have no idea about all these patterns because I didn't have the sensors to detect them.  

Its a common cognitive bias for us humans to think that if we can't see something or feel something, it doesn't exist.  But for a hammerhead, the world is filled with electrical patterns that we can't see or feel.  

There are doubtless patterns out there which we aren't equipped to detect or sense.  

Some patterns, emotional level patterns, psychological patterns, etc., don't readily show up.  

Anything relating to brain chemistry will be nearly invisible by all normal detection methods.  It isn't easy to detect and leaves no physical trace.  But coaches are good at detecting the emotional levels of their players and the best are going to be good at manipulating it.  

So a lot of these things like Laker Watch are simply trying to monitor and detect an emotional pattern in real life that is spread out over weeks.  That is a very difficult thing to track.  

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