Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tyson Chandler Traded: The end of the Chris Paul Era?

Tyson Chandler, the athletic 7'1" big man of the Hornets was traded today to the Oklahoma City Thunder.   And the question is: does this mean the end of Chris Paul's MVP chances and high level of winning?

The answer is yes.  

Chris Paul is a 6'0" point guard known for his aggressive defense and steals.  But steals often come at a price of leaving one's man to play passing lanes.  The steal is a powerful play but when it fails there is often a clear lane to the hoop.  Tyson Chandlers, as an athletic big man who defends and blocks shots, was often able to bail out Chris Paul. 

That won't happen any more.  I think the ramifications of that are that his assists will go down (less lob-dunks) and the team will lose more even though he will probably still get steals at the same rate.  Its his failed steal attempts that will hurt the team and cause them a few more losses than they would have had previously. 

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Ben said...

Before I read this post, I honestly do not believe that I have every heard of the Oklahoma City Thunder.