Monday, February 2, 2009

Thoughts on the Super Bowl

I ended up betting $500 on the Cardinals to cover the spread of -7.  My Father flew to Reno to make the bet as well and bet some moneys that he had brought of his own and some from a few other people.  

I thought the game was very even between the two teams; I never thought the Cardinals were going to get blown out at any point during the game. 

I thought the Cardinals run defense was very impressive.  They Steelers had so many runs for negative yardage it was crazy.  

The Cardinals refused to throw the ball as much as I thought they should; however, they may have just been trying to keep the Steelers from dropping back to much.  Who can tell what chess match was going on  between the playcallers?

Otherwise it was even; I think the warm weather helped the Cardinals: look at their last two drives when Fitzgerald was just running rampant through their secondary.  If its cold slippery he probably wouldn't have made those plays.

I thought Ken Whisenhunt had the team prepared and their passing plays were very effective. 

So two of the three factors I mentioned in an earlier post appear to have worked out.

I thought the Cardinals body language showed they really thought they could beat the Steelers; credit the coaching on that one.  Offensively the Steelers scored twenty points to the Cardinals 23.  It was just that crazy interception that was the difference.  

Ben Roethelisburgers (I don't know how to spell it) scrambling ability is very under-rated.  He is so big and he scrambles but he always looks to pass out of the scramble.  That is a very strong skill in the NFL because defenses will stop the run but they can't cover all the receivers.  

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