Friday, February 27, 2009

Laker Watch Games 3 & 4

Game 3:  At Oklahoma City, Lakers 107, OKC 93.  

Odom was disappointed in how Los Angeles squandered the big lead and said it "wasn't a wholehearted effort at all defensively for us."

Game 4:  LA 132, PO 106

LA raced out to a 15 point half-time lead (scoring 70 points in the first half).  And Phoenix never threatened after that.  

"Tonight's game felt like kind of a trap game because we are at home and Steve's not playing," -Kobe

So what can we conclude from this?  First off the Laker's lows aren't that low.  Phil is obviously aware of trap games and let the team know not to let them down.  Kobe didn't play the entire fourth quarter and they still outscored them.  

So it seems like the Lakers, as they are currently constructed and given their current mentality, aren't taking games off, aren't going to take games off, etc.  So they probably will cover the spread more often than not.  These last four games they were 2-2 ATS.  I would suspect that for the remainder of the season they would be positive against the spread.  They have a great team, a great record, etc.

However the Suns are struggling.  Nash was out as well as Amare.  I didn't know Nash was out but without their two all-stars they don't have much else on the roster that is above average.  

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