Monday, August 10, 2009

The preseason rankings are out

I was reading the college footbal rankings and got pretty excited about college football. It'll be a fun time, despite the frequent stoppages of play to show us commercials. Its tough to get past all the commercialism of college football. I'm more interested in simply watching athletes play for the joy of playing and watching some young man spring 100 yards as fast as he can with the football and everyone watching and cheering and going bezerk.

Anyways, Florida seems primed to go wire to wire #1. I've read a book about Urban Meyer (Urban's Way) and am very impressed with his fastidious work ethic and maniacial desire to win. I'm equally impressed with Tim Tebow and his work ethic, physical strength, and championship mentality. I'm not so impressed once Tebow opens his mouth and starts talking.

Anyways, returning their entire defense (plus the entire second string) and everyone on offense besides Percy Harvin is very impressive. I'm a big believer in experience playing a factor in college football; the biggest leap I believe is between year 1 and year 2. I'm not sure how many first year starters are returning but their defense was traumatic to opposing offenses last year and should remain that way.

Obviously they could be upset along the way but they won't be beaten, except by a very physical team. I don't think OU will have the offensive line for it, plus they got their shot last year. It will likely be Texas or USC in the championship match. I've long wanted to USC play a tough schedule to match their ability on the field. Perhaps upsetting Florida is in the cards. It will be enjoyable to see them as underdogs for the first time in many seasons.

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Ben said...

Ahem. No mention of the Rebs? #10 baby!