Sunday, August 30, 2009

The End of the Rich Rodriguez Experiment in Michigan

Today I read on as well as at that Michigan players were alleging NCAA rules violations at Michigan perpetrated by the coach, Rich Rodriguez. This is a very bad sign for Rich Rodriguez.

I'm sure that every football team breaks NCAA rules to some extent. But the majority of these infractions are never made public. And of those that do reach the public's ear, even fewer are reported by the players.

This is especially embarassing for Michigan because it shows there is virtually no solidarity amongst the team and some strong resentment and dislike for the coach. A team that is divided like this can't succeed.

I also recall reading earlier that a Michigan tackle, who was expected to help the team immensely this year, opted to transfer to Ohio State. Ohio State and Michigan for the top rivalry in the Big Ten and one of the biggest college football rivalrys in the nation.

The aforementioned tackle left because he no longer felt Coach Rodriguez and his staff embraced the family values of Michigan football and what it had come to mean over the years.

This is terrible news for Coach Rodriguez. I wouldn't be surprised if he was fired before the season ended. Despite arriving amidst tremendous hype and excitement, he seems to have alienated the players and worn out his welcome. A coach can't coach and certainly can't thrive when his players are openly (albeit anonymously) behaving mutinously.

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