Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Literary Thoughts

I think a major part of an enjoyable movie, film, or book that is primarily a story telling venture is its desire to explore certain topics or simply show lots of awesome scenes and situations, one after another. To put forth crazy ideas and concepts, situations, people, constructions, and machines that are larger than life.

I like the term "random hero". I'd also want to explore the differences between "wild" animals and people vs. "domesticated" or "civilized" people. The concept of vengeance and terrible loss; then the process of trying to come back from that. There are many, many things that would be fun to explore. I also play out many of these concepts in my head in the form of movies. Its one thing to simply project images on a movie screen in my head. Its another to convey it through print to another person. Two totally different tasks.

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