Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NBA Finals final thoughts and questions

The Lakers won the championship in five games and Kobe Bryant was named Finals MVP. Its pretty impressive what he has done the last two years: a deep playoff run in 2008, regular season MVP, Olympic Gold Medal play during the 2008 summer, another great season in 2009, followed by a playoff run culminating in a championship. And he apparently hasn't missed a single game due to injury.

Thats damn impressive for a thirty year old.

But there are more things going on. The questions this blog has been trying to answer remain the same. When do teams take a night off? Why did the Lakers lock it on and become one of the elite teams that wins a championship on the road? Did it have something to do with the Pacers/Lakers Game 5 debacle nine years ago?

Can a game nine years ago effect a game played now?

Why did the Magic give up? The fight they showed to rally from big deficits against Cleveland was not seen against LA. Was it just emotion or did they try and get thwarted by LA? When Kobe grabbed Dwight Howard and pulled him to the ground to stop his dunk attempt, was that the play of the series?

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