Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Finals are here...finally!

The NBA Finals are here.  Its the Magic vs. the Lakers.  Later today I'll do a more detailed approach to the game.  But first here are some general thoughts I've been having.  My first thought is that whoever wins tonight will win the series.  Its that simple.  

However I've been thinking about my series pattern theory.  And whoever wins game 1 forces the other team to adjust in game 2.  Then if the adjustments work then in game three the original winner has to adjust to changes, and so forth, until someone reaches four wins.  

Getting that first win is important. 

Also, I haven't gone on Bleacher Report to mock the people who slandered me, who ridiculed me, and generally called me nasty names.  They all thought my reasons for the Cavs losing were wrong, that the Cavs would win the championship hands down.  How wrong they were!  Even after the Cavs swept their first two opponents I stuck to my guns. 

Their defeat merely supports one of my main principles: that effort gives a team extra wins during the regular season but doesn't help during the playoffs.  Everyone is playing hard during the playoffs.  There is no effort bonus in the playoffs.  

And Varejao sucks.  He is terrible.  

I really want to do some analysis on playoff post-season series and the patterns that emerge.  Also, the real  lesson for me from the Cavs article is that I'm usually right, my thinking is correct, but I will always have people trying to insult me, wrong me, humiliate me, and convince me I'm wrong.  

I have to ignore them.    

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