Sunday, June 7, 2009

Halftime thoughts on Game 2

My general prediction for games this series is: Lakers Win, Lakers Win, Magic Win, Lakers Win, Magic Win, Lakers Win.  

Jeff Van Gundy is a very sharp commentator.  He had a smart comment about something which I can't remember!  Haha, I guess that means I'm dumb.  

I think he was mentioning that you have to have team-mentality when coming off the bench.  You can't as a player complain about rhythm or feel, and he contrasted Rafer Alston to Shannon Brown.  
I'd really like to do some analysis on the past ten years of NBA playoff series' and the patterns that they took.  

Also I thought about my Martingale-Expectation system and didn't learn what I was hoping to prove, but it did show a strong correlation between season to season total wins improvement and percentage of spreads covered.  

Also the Cavs had the highest winning percentage and were the hardest working and biggest hustling team.  The Clippers, despite having talented players, were terrible against the spread because of poor effort.  

So I learned from that research that one should bet on whichever team is trying harder.  

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