Monday, January 12, 2009

Topics for research

Some topics I'd like to investigate at some point are:

Which pick's are the quarterbacks faults and which are the fault of receivers.  Interceptions are such a discreet event, either a full interception or the pass is simply recorded as incomplete or even caught by the intended receiver.

Also, no information is given if an interception happened at the end of a game in a meaningless throw, if it was a bad read, a bad route, or the receiver bobbled it and a defender caught it.  That woudl give a much more accurate assesment of how good a quarterback is.

For college (and pros to some degree) a measurement of how "professional" a team is.  Do they allow big run-backs on special teams?  Sloppy punt coverage?  How much effort to they put into pinning back a team.

How much does the relative strength of a division help or hurt the division or conference champions?  

This question regards the strength of a division in the NFL.  If you win a division with a lot of soft teams, does that mean you are worse (because you played bad teams) or good (because you are more rested)?  

Same with conferences in college, does it help to have played better teams throughout the season?  

And how is ranking determined in college football?  Because it could be a case of the national attention focusing elsewhere and inflating the relative rankings of an entire conference.

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