Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celtics and Bobcats

I just read a comment from Larry Brown when they played the Cavaliers. They lost on the road by thirty points, 111 - 81.  Despite upsetting the Celtics the previous night, they came out today and played very poorly.

Their coach Larry Brown said "The first minute of the game, you look out there and feel like you've got no chance. It's disappointing."  

He continued with ""We never competed a lick," coach Larry Brown said. "There's some players that some of our guys play against they don't think they have a chance. If you look at our history, maybe that's why you don't win. You don't expect to win"

Lastly, Brown said ""They played harder, they played better, they wanted to win more," Brown said. "The first play of the game, the game was over in my mind. LeBron just dribbled in and laid it up like nobody was guarding him."

Some interesting things to note in this case.  

It was the second of a back to back series for Charlotte.  

The first game was at home, the second was on the road at Cleveland.

Their two opponents were the top two teams in the East.

They upset the Celtics.

It was an overtime victory.

The team has very low expectations for the season.

The Cavs are undefeated at home.  

The Bobcats coach is experienced, has a few rings, and proven.  He is not "hungry".  

Cleveland was favored by 14.5 points.  

Cleveland is in a push for the number one seed in the East and isn't likely to play lightly or take any games off.

This combination of factors resulted in a 30 point loss which the coach described as a game that the team was incapable of winning and was over before it started. 

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