Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thoughts on the NFL divisional round playoffs

Well earlier I wrote briefly about the wild-card round.  This round features the Ravens squaring off against the Titans.  

The Titan's center has been scratched for the second straight game.  Now they are going up against a very veteran team in the form of the Ravens, and specifically a veteran defense that I'm sure can make up some very confusing blitz packages and try to overwhelm the center and offensive line in general.

I also read about how this year the eagles "don't know how to win close games".  They are 1-5-1 in games decided by games less than seven points.  In this situation, thats a good thing.  Because they still had a record of 9-6-1, it means only one loss was "bad".  I didn't watch every Eagles game, or any for that matter, but losing lots of close games and still making the playoffs means you are better than your record represents. 

Not only are you better, but 8 of their wins are by more than seven points!  The random bounce of the ball or one play can make a team win or lose.  Close games rarely provide a clear answer as to who is better.  But being 1-5-1 in close games with a 9-6-1 record?  That means you are really good, and a few bad bounces away from being great.

The same goes for the Ravens when compared to the Steelers and Titans.  They had very close a nd sometimes controversial losses to those guys; so they believe they can win and are essentially equals.  

Remember: if the Ravens played the Ravens, one team would win and one would lose.  It doesn't always mean one team is better than another.  

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