Saturday, March 13, 2010

NBA Leader Martingale System 4

The Lakers snapped their three game losing streak with a home win over Toronto, helped by a last second shot by Kobe Bryant. So the small sample of watching the Laker's losing streak while I blogged about losing streaks ended with a win. Infact, every losing streak ends with a win. The next two steps are to 1) create a summary of the final two seasons in NBA archives on ESPN's homepage and 2) start an excel sheet of pointspreads and moneylines to figure out an equation to go from point spread to moneylines. The reason for this is that while pointspread data for the last several seasons is readily available, moneyline data (to the best of my knowledge) is not. So I'll need to analyze that and come up with a model.

Then I can simulate (using excel) the bets I would have made the last couple of seasons on the NBA leaders and see how my bankroll would have done.

And that should be very interesting indeed.

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