Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The study of facial expressions is fascinating.  I played some poker over the week at a casino, and finished up $38 on a $60 max buy in table.  My two biggest plays were off of tells, basically just observing this players actions and being aggressive when I saw weakness.  It was a BLAST.  I've been paying more and more attention to people's facial expressions, including those of the people I am talking to, and it results in seeing a lot more of their true beliefs and personalities.  For example, I was talking to someone over this last weekend about what they implemented in to their business and how much of it was from reading things, and they made a curious facial expression.  I'm not sure what it meant.  Other times I saw expressions come up when talking to person B, and the results were interesting.  

Also I noted that Carmelo Anthony did not really like the whole Jeremy Lin/Linsanity phenomenon when this was happening.  

There is tension there on that team.  It won't end well. 

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