Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I was reading a blog post by Ki'une, whom I learned about by watching YouTube.  He has a goal list of 208 personal goals that range over topics from travel, art, photography, sports, music, adventure & miscellaneous goals.  Very, very impressive.  I have goals, but I have only hand written goals that I developed during a Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn goal setting workshop.  The miscellaneous goals involve learning languages, flying in to space on a commercial flight, to winning a photo contest, to all sorts of amazing things.  Its so impressive to me because he has articulated his goal list, published it online, and it really trying to thrive with it.  What the fuck am I doing with my life?  Sweating out business school so I can become a drone?  LOL.

What are my rituals?  Remember, peak state doesn't just happen.  What are my rituals and what am I doing with my day?  Bullshitting around probably.  I want to get more disciplined.  First thing is I'm going to type up my goal list on Google Drive, and maintain that list online for many years so that I can access it and gauge my progress.  My growth.  Progress = happiness.  Remember that.

Six human needs:


My #1 is growth.  After that, possibly uncertainty.  My significance is pretty low and pretty easily satisfied.  My Connection/Love is shaky right now, important to feel and have but I'm not where I want to be.  Contribution is  low on my list right now.  I honestly feel like later in life, after I've satisfied other needs, contribution can come to the fore front in the form of my dream:  The Skills Acquisition Academy.  Where we take a person and teach them any skill they want to learn.  Starting with Math.

What would be awesome would be to go to a terrible school, struggling inner city in a large metropolis, and get a group of students with poor math skills, limiting beliefs, but a strong desire to get better, and really take them to a higher level with math, with me as the coach and teacher.  Ideally it would be like a one year experiment, or a two year experiment, and get them great math scores and set them on a new path that they wouldn't have achieved otherwise.  That would be a blast.  Tutoring for money, to create some shitty little tutoring company and going around hustling people, would suck.  Its selling people.  Taking on a real challenge like this would be freaking awesome.  And I absolutely know that I would get results.

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