Monday, December 17, 2012

Alabama vs Notre Dame

Notre Dame has a really good defense, which is an asset in the quest for a National Championship.  This ND team is different than ones of past years and BCS defeats because it is grounded primarily on a good defense and an average offense.  All good offenses can be stopped by a physical defense.  In fact, when a good offense meets a good defense, the defense usually wins.  In this case I would expect the game to be close.  Alabama is a ten point favorite, which seems quite high.  Regardless of who is #1 vs #2, that is a big point spread for a football game, and probably reflects more of Alabama's past accomplishments and success, and Notre Dame's recent failures than anything else.  But this is a new team, removed from the Brady Quinn era and the Charlie Weis era.

Who will win?  We can never know with certainty.

Should 'Bama be a 10 point favorite?  No.

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Ben Woodrick said...

Oh, Daniel. Aren't you forgetting that if Nick Saban's teams are primarily known for their defense. Both this year and last years' Bama teams are grounded on the exact same thing as Notre Dame - good defense and average offense. That's why people so often referred to AJ McCarron last year as an excellent "game manager" last year rather than an elite quarterback.

While appreciate how much non-SEC folks want to see someone else whine a BCS Championship, you seem to be justifying a Notre Dame upset to yourself by citing qualities of ND's team that are clearly present in their opponent as well.

Might this be, dare I say, a bit of cognitive bias on your part?

All of that said, it won't break my heart to see Bama lose. Those people need to be knocked down a peg or twenty.