Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heat vs Lakers

In analyzing which team would win a seven game match up (NBA Finals) I have to consider the three out of five method.  Essentially, which team has better players at more positions?

Center:  Bynum/Odom vs Joel Anthony
Advantage Lakers

Power Forward:  Gasol vs. Bosh
Advantage Lakers

Shooting Forward:  James vs Artest
Advantage Heat

Shooting Guard:  Bryant vs. Wade

Point Guard:  Fisher vs Arroyo

So the issue is who is better, Wade or Bryant?  If it is Wade (and I'm inclined to believe it is) then the match is a push, with possibly the Lakers winning because size beats perimeter players.  If Bryant can match Wade for a series, great, but I have serious doubts he could guard Dwayne Wade for a seven game series.  Dwayne is really fast and really strong, and Kobe Bryant is coming off a knee surgery and is now in his early thirties.

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