Monday, October 25, 2010

Brett Favre and the Vikings

The Vikings are currently 2-4 and barring a major turnaround, will miss the playoffs and finish the season with a wimper.

Brett Favre was brought in for $10,000,000 to play this year and has mired himself into a sex scandal with a NY Reporter and is also playing quite poorly.  He has tendinitis in his elbow and appears to be missing throws, probably due to the fact that he missed all of training camp and obviously did not stick to his off-season conditioning program, if he even had one.

Its too bad to see, but the guy obviously didn't prepare as much for this season and is also not as focused due to the NFL investigation plus the obvious problems his wife will have with his behavior.

It just seems like there is a lack of focus on behalf of the Favre and a lack of dedication, which is affecting the entire team.  Also, based on some of Brad Childress's comments, it appears that there are lots of disagreements between Favre and Childress, with Favre thinking he knows more than Childress and wanting to make the decisions.  Overall its not a recipe for success.

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