Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are the Lakers focused enough?

The latest Laker debacle, a 126-113 defeat at home to the Denver Nuggets (playing without Carmelo Anthony) has made me want to write about the Lakers and there possible lack of focus.

Ron Artest wears shoes from a Chinese shoe company; he complains about foot pains and says that it feels like he is wearing lead boots and it has resulted in a lack of quickness on the court. Why is he doing this? The money. He is sponsored by them and has refused to switch to a better shoe.

Kobe Bryant has suffered many small injuries and has repeatedly refused to rest his body or seek treatment to fix them. He simply tries to play through the pain. But this will have a long-term cumulative effect on his game play and could manifest it self after a sustained period of stress....such as the playoffs.

They continue to take a band-aid approach to their point guard position, continuing to start Derek Fisher despite his defensive struggles and limited offensive creation. Rather than develop a younger talent and hope that he is ready for the playoffs, than are hoping that they won't need a good point guard to win the championship.

All these factors make me think the Lakers simply aren't as focused as they need to be to win a championship. Its not easy, after all.

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