Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The Clippers were blown out three games in a row....the Celtics had won 11 straight road games and just beaten Orlando at home...surely this game was ripe to be a blow out, right?

Instead, the Clippers battled the Celtics all night and finally took the lead with Baron Davis' game-winning shot as time expired.

So what happened? Well, the NBA happened, thats what. The league is stacked, even losing teams have veterans and talented players.

But more to the point, the game above highlights the emotional context of the NBA. The Clippers had been beaten badly by teams inferior to the C's. Now they are at home facing the juggernaut Celtics. They were scared, nervous, worried about a blow out, and played with ferocious energy.

They won.

The NBA. Where amazing happens.

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