Sunday, May 10, 2009

Warren Buffet

I continue to be fascinated by Warren Buffet and all he has accomplished.  He lives in Omaha, NE and has consistently outperformed the market.  Efficient market hypothesis claims that this should be impossible.

Yet he has done it.  Despite living away from New York, using just simple logic and trusting to his own opinions, he has succeeded.  And the one professional sports bettor I have read about, Haralobos Voulgaris, has done the same. 

They both isolated themselves from other people and trusted their own decisions and instincts.  They refined their skills and methods until they were able to consistently beat the average.

This next season of basketball I can do that for the NBA.  It is time for me to get an account at an online sports betting place and start placing bets and continuing to work on my theories.  I also need to get more formal and structured in general but I've been having trouble focusing lately.   

One theory of mine would be to track media-exposure to certain teams and correlate that to a rising or lowering pointspread.  

Another would be to create power-rankings based on the point spread for the NBA, and look then for differences in the spread.  Essentially, using past point-spreads to predict future point spreads.  And where there is a discrepancy, searching for the reason.  

Thats a very interesting concept.  

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