Friday, March 6, 2009

Bleacher Report and Mavs Follow-up

I recently wrote my second article at 

Article writing is not my main focus but it is a great community to voice ideas, receive feedback, and generally communicate and learn.  I wrote an article about the Lakers (specifically Andrew Bynum) and one about the Dallas Mavericks (specifically Mark Cuban).  

My first article received over 240 reads and one comment.  

My goal is to use the website as a way to post about various predictions and effort-skewed results.  These are games results which are heavily biased or skewed by either lack of effort or extra effort.  Blogging on here and writing on bleacher report will let me keep abreast of what happens in the NBA and record my observations for future use.  

I also want to reprint my articles here so that I can have a back up copy.  

Lastly, I'm hoping to meet one or two other people who are interested in my effort-based investigations in the NBA and have a similar eye for it.  

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