Monday, November 17, 2008

Rasheed Wallace

The Detroit Pistons are another type of team which I think is easily psychologically profiled. The trigger phrase in this case was one mentioned by former coach Larry Brown "I would never have thought that effort would be an issue with professionals".

This is a team which was very good but could also be very lackadaisical. Anyways, throughout the years I've watched the Pistons do very well and then lay an egg at times. Just recently they beat the Warriors in a very close game, the next day played the Lakers at the Staple Center and stomped them. Two days later they played Phoenix, a team which is worse than the Lakers, and were blown out. It might seem like the random vicissitudes of play, but I think there is something greater at work. The Pistons just proved to themselves again that they were a top team by beating the previously unbeaten Lakers. Then they played a team which they had beaten twice preivously by twenty points each time.

Certain players, when they are looking their best, let their guard down and then start losing. And they go through these highs and lows throughout the season and throughout their career.

Rasheed Wallace is one of those players. When he is looking his best he is due to relax.  Thats just who he is.

Also, I don't think back-to-back games are as difficult early in the season. The players are professional athletes and are well rested.

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