Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everything in Houston's Favor?

I recently read an article on ESPN ( I think it was the daily dime) where the author wrote that Houston had everything going in its favor heading into the matchup with Boston. Houston was 3-0, and Boston had just lost by 16 points to the Pacers. I would counter that their 16 point loss was actually helpful to Boston and harmful to Houston.

How? The NBA season is long; Garnett has played over 1,000 regular season games now. They are the defending champs. Their challenge now is motivation. They will be attacked by every team, and their style of play (intense defense) requires 100 percent effort on the highest level of athletics. That is hard for a human to do, especially a team with so many miles on their legs.

Anyways, I found his claim rather disconcerting. When Houston was on a huge winning streak Boston took it as a challenge and really clamped down on them. They blew them out with a maximum effort performance. Had they beaten the Pacers with a fourth-quarter comeback, I would have thought Houston could win.

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