Monday, October 27, 2008

Ohio State - Penn State

Earlier on my blog I posted I felt Penn State would beat Ohio State. I was also glad that Ohio State beat Michigan State because it would keep them high in the rankings. I was unable to find the point spread anywhere online after the game because sports bettors have amnesia, and once a game has passed it can just fade into black and be forgotten.

Anyways, Penn State did beat Ohio State. Ohio State actually doubled its score from the last time if faced a physical defense (USC) and had six points. They never really threatened to score a touchdown.

OSU had one turnover, a bit of bad luck for them, and PSU scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive to seal the deal. PSU never should have trailed for long but their all-american kicker missed a field goal.

No one should be surprised here that the real issue is that neither of those big ten teams has an offense that can score against a very physical defense.. That is important to note for later in the year in bowl games. If it is a weaker defense they play then they can score a lot of points but if it is a disciplined, organized defense, they will struggle.

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