Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chris Bosh is already over the NBA finals...and thats a bad thing

Chris Bosh said in a recent interview that he was over the NBA Finals loss and was ready to move on.  That is the response of an emotionally mature person with a large world view and a good perspective.  After all, its just sports and his self-actualization as a player.

But its bad news for the Miami Heat.  It means they'll be getting the same Chris Bosh they had last year, except a year older and a year closer to retirement.  He won't have been lifting all summer, upset over the way things ended like a Michael Jordan or Larry Bird type would have been.  He hasn't been pushed all summer by the humiliating defeat he experienced.

After all, it is emotion which separates people out.  I get the feel that if Chris Bosh were 6'2" instead of 6'10", he wouldn't even be in the NBA.  A guy like Kevin Garnett or Chris Paul would be in the NBA no matter what height they are.

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