Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NBA All-star game

I'm picking the EAST to win the NBA All-Star game.  This has a lot of similarities to the year the Pistons had four backups on the All-Star team on a team that had lost the Championship the previous year (in a game 7) and were motivated to take on the West.  

Also, it is in LA so Kobe/Gasol have a lot of stuff on their minds.  Kobe will want to win the game so he can be the obvious MVP of the game but honestly, the Celtics starting line-up plus Dwight Howard or whoever will be better than five random West Stars all gunning together.

Also, Fedor looked a LOT smaller than his opponent in weigh-ins and I didn't think he would do well.  Now I'm trying to put my thoughts on my blog BEFORE the game/fight/event.

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