Thursday, January 27, 2011

UFC Lesnar vs. Velasquez

I remember watching the post-fight celebration when Brock Lesnar defeated Shane Carwin.  He looked relieved.  That was the first thing I noticed about his facial expressions.  He didn't look like he was on a mission, or confident, or anything.  He honestly looked like a kid who just had a shot from the doctor and realized it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be.  And his next fight, he lost to Cain Velasquez.  I don't know if the two are related at all, but it was certainly a weird facial expression to have.

Also, a couple years ago before Kimbo Slice was defeated in a Strikeforce X fight (I may be wrong about the brand) I noticed his facial expressions were really weird pre-fight.  He looked in the camera and and was frowning as though he was angry, but it looked like a fake frown.  Like he actually wasn't upset or angry at all.  It was very strange.  He lost his fight too and is now out of UFC entirely.

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