Monday, September 27, 2010

College Football Season gets Underway...

Another season of College Football is underway.  Another season where I think of the possibilities out there but am just unable to pursue any of my own research, which is too bad.  The biggest problem is data research and accumulation.  I.e. data mining.

Just as generals of old won battles not through tactics but through logistics, so does a modern analyst get information and power through the proper collection of data instead of just "sensing" or "predicting".  Unfortunately, both logistics and data mining are tedious, boring, and time-intensive.  A real triple threat that I am powerless against.

More importantly, I would want to study what drives perceptions and assumptions and look for recurring weaknesses.  Once I start working full time I should set aside a small portion of my budget for this new project.  Perhaps a few hundred dollars to pay some college kid or high-school fan to find all this data for me and sort it out on excel sheets.

Hope springs eternal!

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