Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coach Larry Brown and his Trades

I was reading an article about how coach Larry Brown makes lots of trades with his rosters when he takes over a team. That is a real hallmark of his programs and his coaching style. One of the reasons put forward was that he gets frustrated with players and trades them to try to find someone else who will better conform to his style.

Another idea, that just came to me, is that by getting new players in new surroundings, you can trade a B- player for a B- player, but because of the new situation, new coaching, and new teammates, have him more locked in and more focused, and trying harder. Essentially getting a B or even B+ performance from a B- player. And the art of coaching is getting more from the players you've got. No team has so much more talent that they are prohibitively better than other teams. It is usually focus, effort, and teamwork. And those factors are all helped by a fresh start and fresh faces.

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